Se descubrieron fragmentos antiguos del Corán en la Universidad de Birmingham en Inglaterra. El Corán, que se escribieron entre los años 568 y 645, pudiera ser entre los primeros, porque datan de alrededor de cuando se fundó Islam. También se cree que el autor de las antiguas piezas pudo haber conocido al profeta Muhammad. [read more...]
Los antibióticos son medicamentos que ayudan al sistema inmunológico a combatir las bacterías. Se sabe desde hace unos años que las bacterías están empezando a ser inmunes a los antibióticos. Es problemático, porque las enfermedades más comunes que se tratan con antibióticos pueden ser muy peligrosas. [read more...]
Malina Pies Fríos escrito por David Fernández es un libro sobre una niñita que vive en el polo norte y tiene los pies fríos. [read more...]
A mucha gente le encanta pescar en su tiempo libre; pero pescar a menudo se ha convertido en una actividad peligrosa. [read more...]
One in three Latino, African American, and single parent households in the Dane County struggle to get enough nutritional food, according to a report by Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC). For in contrast, white households in Dane County, about 20 percent face food insecurities. These numbers represent hunger problems for our families here in Madison. [read more...]
Professional soccer player and a children’s activist, Luis Lionel Andres Messi, also known as Leo Messi, was born on June 24th, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. As a child, Messi struggled with his height. Even though he was very short for his age, he was unintimidated by the taller boys. Messi began playing soccer with his older brothers. He was discovered by FC Barcelona while playing in a soccer club called Newell’s Old Boys Club. He was only 13 when FC Barcelona invited him to play with their team’s youth academy in Barcelona, Spain. The club agreed to pay for Messi’s medical care that included growth injections. Eventually, Messi grew to be five feet, seven inches tall. [read more...]
Across the world, millions of people burn heat their homes and feed their families using the fuel from thousands of trees. Because of this, forests and their animal inhabitants are suffering. World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a conservation organization, recently launched an initiative to regain environments lost to human destruction. Specifically, they increased the amount of biogas stoves in Nepal. [read more...]
As a way to protect patients from infections that spread in hospitals, some hospitals in New York and New Mexico are starting to offer hospitalization at home. The arrangement includes daily visits from doctors and nurses as well as at-home lab draws, medication, x-rays, and even ultrasound scans if needed. The cost of this at-home care is typically no greater than if the patient received care at a hospital instead. [read more...]
Simpson Street Free Press student reporters recently had the opportunity to meet and interview potters from the rural Mexican village of Mata Ortiz at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). Each artist has a unique story—some began the trade at age 17, while others started at only four years old. All of the artists, young and old, share a deep passion for the ceramic arts and their village. [read more...]
The phrases “hazardous parts” or “choking hazard” usually lead people to think of plastic accessories, such as toy shoes or removable action figure limbs things that children might put into their noses or mouths. Very few might realize that "button batteries", circular, metallic, lithium-filled discs, are also such a hazard. However, studies show that button batteries can be even more hazardous than a simple toy shoe. [read more...]
A small, once dirt-poor Mexican village now hosts one of the largest concentrations of modern artists in the world. In fact, for the 1,200 residents of Mata Ortiz, high-quality ceramics have become more than an expression of culture—they have become a way of life. [read more...]
Since April of this year, Jack Daniels, president of Madison Area Technical College, has been pushing to sell the university's downtown location and invest instead in the school's south Madison campus. Following weeks of debate, MATC's board of trustees voted on this controversial proposal during their May 13 meeting. [read more...]
Lafollette High School’s assistant principle, Jim Pliner, recently announced he will be leaving the school at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. Pliner will take the position of head principle at Oregon High School (OHS) for the 2015-2016 academic year. [read more...]
En toda la Unión Europea sólo hay tres países que tienen el mismo número de mujeres que de hombres trabajando en las ciencias y en la ingeniería. Estos tres países son Letonia, Lituania y Polonia. Esto no parece justo, pero ahora, ¿es mejor que en el pasado? [read more...]
La danza folklórica méxicana representa la cultura de varios siglos. Cuando llegaron los españoles en el siglo 16 trajieron muchos bailes al estilo europeo como el vals, la polka y el chotis cuales infuyeron las danza indígena. [read more...]
Aiming to reduce pollution, the state of California recently enacted the first law in the country that bans the use of single-use plastic bags in grocery stores. [read more...]
At just seven-years-old and only in the second grade Samuel Garduño- Martinez, otherwise known as Samy, is the youngest staff writer in the history of Simpson Street Free Press. [read more...]
Maryam Mirzakhani, una matemática iraní ganó la medalla Fields de 2014, que es un premio para los matemáticos sobresalientes. Es la primera mujer que recibió el premio. Mirzakhani es profesora de la Universidad de Stanford y tiene 37 años. [read more...]
A groundbreaking discovery involving a harmless virus could help the millions of people suffering hearing loss. [read more...]
A local Madison farm called Hillsong ridge was recently converted into one of the now early 20 labyrinths in the area. Labyrinths are part of a growing trend to combat the stresses of fast-paced modern life. [read more...]
En la opinión de la abogada Amber Raffeet, la educación es muy importante. Ella piensa que con una educación, todo es posible. Su trabajo con la comunidad latina y el sistema de inmigración es ejemplar. [read more...]
SAV001-H is a new vaccine designed to prevent the infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It was developed by a research team at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Western Ontario. The vaccine has completed stage one of human clinical trials testing its safety. More trials are necessary to decide whether or not the vaccine is safe and effective for its target population. [read more...]