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For many lower income students, going to college might seem like an unreachable dream. Thankfully, a $50,000 donation from UW Health and Unity Health Insurance to Madison College will provide scholarships to under-represented youth to help them get on the right path toward a health care career. [read more...]
American Girl, the Middleton-based toy company and long-time friend of Simpson Street Free Press, recently signed a multi-year agreement with Scholastic, publisher and distributor of children’s books. [read more...]
Two Midwestern energy companies plan to shift towards renewable resources. The Lacrosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative plans to build the first Wisconsin wind farm since 2011. The farm will be located 20 miles southeast of Platteville and construction is projected to begin in 2017. While operating, the turbines would generate enough electricity to power more than 25,000 Midwestern homes. [read more...]
Would you believe that the worst gifts are the gifts that took the most thought? According to an article in The Washington Post, they are. So, next time you are buying a gift, think of this. Research done by Mary Steffel, an assistant professor from the University of Cincinnati, shows that the more thought you put in to a present, the less probable it is that the recipient will like it. Besides, most gift purchases are motivated by the personality of the recipient rather than their desire for a particular gift. [read more...]
Completing college is a milestone that improves quality of life and future earning potential. But for many graduating high school seniors, high tuition fees are a barrier to attending college. To help bridge the gap for lower-income students, Madison College (MATC) has launched the Scholars of Promise program. [read more...]
The ‘Maker Faire’ movement is sweeping the nation. And earlier this month, it took Madison by storm. [read more...]
Recent data published by the Nation’s Report Card shows that our nation’s 12th-graders are declining in reading and math skills. In fact, the study indicates that only one-third of high school seniors are ready for the academic rigor of college. [read more...]
Three men stranded on a deserted island were rescued when an overhead U.S. Navy plane saw the word "help" written on the shore of the small island last April. [read more...]
In Flint, Michigan, people have unwittingly ingested lead-infused water due to a change of water sources. But how do they find out where people are getting poisoned and who has lead in their blood? [read more...]
In the 21st century, college students from low-income backgrounds often have trouble affording school and paying off student loans. Imagine adding unexpected bills to the mix. The Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates recently created the Emergency Grant Assistance Program to help these students pay for “unforeseen financial emergencies.” [read more...]
The Wisconsin State Assembly recently voted to lift a restriction on nuclear power production in the state. Assembly Bill 384 now goes to the Senate. Democrats and Republicans alike support the bill. [read more...]
Lowell Elementary School just celebrated its 100th birthday. The building, located at 401 Maple Avenue on Madison’s east side, opened its doors on January 3, 1916. More than 400 students currently attend Lowell Elementary. [read more...]
Simpson Street Free Press staff writer and columnist, Enjoyiana Nururdin, was recently promoted to lead editor of La Follette High School’s student newspaper, The Lance. [read more...]
2015. The year of Black Lives Matter, Caitlyn Jenner, same-sex marriage, and Rachel Dolezal. It seemed that with each passing month, 2015 continued to push, question, and challenge social norms and issues. [read more...]
Madison Community Foundation (MCF) is a local charitable organization that creates grants for meaningful local initiatives. Madison College president Dr. Jack Daniels recently joined 16 other community leaders on the MCF Board of Governors. [read more...]
When I first walked into Simpson Street Free Press about six months ago, I couldn't believe it. There were young people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds working in a newsroom. And working really hard. This group of kids produces five publications, including the bilingual newspaper La Prensa. SSFP students also organize book clubs, do geography quizzes, and hold vocab contests. At first I was a little intimidated, but now I actually think it’s fun. My point is this: none of this would be possible without United Way of Dane County. [read more...]
FIFA is known as the most important name in the world of soccer. FIFA stands for Fédération International de Football Association. The FIFA world cup is one of the biggest sports events in the world. It is held every four years in a host country. The world cup is a big tournament where countries come together and compete. [read more...]
As a way to protect patients from infections that spread in hospitals, some hospitals in New York and New Mexico are starting to offer hospitalization at home. The arrangement includes daily visits from doctors and nurses as well as at-home lab draws, medication, x-rays, and even ultrasound scans if needed. The cost of this at-home care is typically no greater than if the patient received care at a hospital instead. [read more...]
Solving crimes is often difficult. When detectives and police officers have wide ranges of DNA samples to work with, however, the task can be easier. Yet, not all DNA recovered from crime scenes matches samples in the federal DNA database. [read more...]
The thought of surgery is gruesome, but just imagine being awake while tangerine-sized flaps of your skull are cut open. [read more...]
Have you ever wondered what the inside of a technology company looks like and what goes on there? Recently, Simpson Street Free Press student reporters had the opportunity to visit Hardin Design and Development (HDD), a Madison software and application firm founded in 2008. Vice President and Co-founder of HDD Scott Resnick and HDD employee Anouson Bounket led us on a tour of the start-up company. We also had the chance to sit down with them and ask questions about what it’s like to work in the tech industry. [read more...]
Simpson Street Free Press student reporters recently had the opportunity to meet and interview potters from the rural Mexican village of Mata Ortiz at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). Each artist has a unique story—some began the trade at age 17, while others started at only four years old. All of the artists, young and old, share a deep passion for the ceramic arts and their village. [read more...]
Most dolphins are gentle aquatic playmates, but it’s a different story when it comes to dolphins trained by Russia. Training these dolphins takes place in Sevastopol, Crimea, at one of only two combat-dolphin training centers in the world. [read more...]
Wisconsin is ready to handle U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's upcoming pollution standards according to two environmental groups. In fact, Wisconsin has been doing so well that the state’s proposed carbon dioxide levels for 2030 are 30 percent below what they were in 2005. [read more...]
Movie theaters around the country are now using a new method to lure people to their screens: reclining seats. [read more...]
The Barrymore Theatre played host to special guests this past Mother’s Day: Ann Imig and the cast of “Listen to Your Mother.” [read more...]
Since April of this year, Jack Daniels, president of Madison Area Technical College, has been pushing to sell the university's downtown location and invest instead in the school's south Madison campus. Following weeks of debate, MATC's board of trustees voted on this controversial proposal during their May 13 meeting. [read more...]
The Henry Vilas Zoo recently welcomed a new arrival --baby orangutan Keju. She is being introduced to the public now across multiple media forms. [read more...]
Lafollette High School’s assistant principle, Jim Pliner, recently announced he will be leaving the school at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. Pliner will take the position of head principle at Oregon High School (OHS) for the 2015-2016 academic year. [read more...]
Language is remarkable. Today, there are over six thousand known languages spoken throughout the world. In the remote territories of northern Australia, natives of the small village of Lajamanu have even invented their own language. [read more...]
After decades without solutions, researchers may have developed a cure for type 1 diabetes. Recently, studies successfully converted stem cells into insulin-producing cells, and in sufficient quantities for transplantation, thus offering glimmers of hope to those battling this disease. [read more...]
Imagine you are in a world surrounded by zombies, skeletons, and creepers, a world where you can build whatever you want, fight monsters, and be creative and, most importantly, survive. [read more...]
Evansville High School student and Simpson Street Free Press teen editor Sylvan Bachhuber received a $25,000 scholarship to attend Conserve School in Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin. This makes her the second Free Press student accepted by the Conserve School this year. [read more...]
Aiming to reduce pollution, the state of California recently enacted the first law in the country that bans the use of single-use plastic bags in grocery stores. [read more...]
United Way President & CEO Leslie Ann Howard announced today that United Way of Dane County anticipates its 2014 campaign will raise $19.6 million. This figure, which will be used to implement the community’s Agenda for Change, surpasses last year’s campaign by $1.6 million and this year’s goal by $600,000. [read more...]
Six-time WNBA All-Star, Becky Hammon was hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs earlier this fall. This makes her the first female paid full-time coach for an NBA team. [read more...]
One year following former National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden’s release of controversial information regarding the U.S. and other countries’ wiretapping of citizens, a new report affirms privacy invasion is a growing issue on an international scale. [read more...]
The tale of Amelia Earhart’s mysterious disappearance on July 2, 1937 during her attempt to circumnavigate the globe is a familiar one. For years, many believed that Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan crashed into the Pacific Ocean after running out of fuel near Howland Island, their intended destination. However, a recently identified piece of aluminum, named Artifact 2-2-V-1, disproves this theory and offers insight into what really happened. [read more...]
At just seven-years-old and only in the second grade Samuel Garduño- Martinez, otherwise known as Samy, is the youngest staff writer in the history of Simpson Street Free Press. [read more...]
It’s no wonder The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks—Rebecca Skloot's non-fiction account of theft, disease, exploitation, and science—became a bestseller. This shocking text tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, a woman incapable of telling it herself. [read more...]
The Rosetta probe is a spacecraft that was launched into space March 2, 2004 by the European Space Agency. The unmanned probe was sent to pursue comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. [read more...]
California and Nevada are facing droughts more severe and long-lasting than lasting any in the past 40 years. The recent lack of rain has led to wildfires, damaged animal habitats, new rules and fines. [read more...]
Earlier this year, tension rose in Ukraine as protestors called for a new government. President Viktor Yankovych, elected to office in 2010, was ultimately removed from power. [read more...]
During a recent tour of the newly expanded Aldo Leopold Nature Center, executive director Camille Zanoni shared some alarming data with Free Press student writers. Zanoni said that children spend only one percent of their time outside. This directly correlates with a rise in childhood obesity, depression, ADD/ADHD, and cardiovascular problems. [read more...]
Recent studies led by Dr. Jim Olson indicate that scorpion venom may help identify cancerous tissue. If developed further, this research could raise the quality of life for cancer patients. [read more...]
Elephant tusks are composed of ivory, a white, bone-like material. Currently, up to 35,000 of the estimated 500,000 living African elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory tusks. Tusks from a single male elephant weigh more than 250 pounds. On the black market, one pound of ivory is valued as high as $1,500. [read more...]
McFarland High School student and Simpson Street Free Press staff writer Rebekah Severson received a $15,000 scholarship to attend Conserve School in Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin. Severson, 16, will spend the winter of 2015 at the school studying environmental and conservation practices. [read more...]
Recently, seven Simpson Street Free Press reporters had the opportunity to attend Madison Community Foundation’s 2014 annual event. It was enlightening, educational, and fun. The highlight of the night was the keynote address, given by renowned journalist and reporter, Dan Rather. [read more...]
Next week, millions of Americans will celebrate our nation’s Independence on the Fourth of July. Local Dane County businesses will also mark the holiday. These locally owned businesses explore what it means to be independent. [read more...]
Hoping to garner support for the national “buy local” movement, Dane Buy Local and the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) have declared June 27 through July 7, 2014 “Independents Week.” This week-long national campaign will reflect on economic democracy, local entrepreneurship, diversity, and community. [read more...]
Simpson Street Free Press assistant editor Stephanie Sykes was recently recognized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her leadership. [read more...]
Our very own Assistant Editor, Aarushi Agni was recently recognized for her reporting for the The Daily Cardinal, a student-run daily newspaper at UW-Madison. Every year the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) holds its Mark of Excellence Competition to honor the best student journalists. Aarushi is ranked among the top three in the region for “General News Reporting.” [read more...]
Most Madison streets are bland and colorless, but that may no longer be the case if a proposal by Alderperson Marsha Rummel of the Near East Side is passed. Her proposal outlines a process to gain the City’s approval to do street art. [read more...]
“If you want this Madison cultural landmark to stick around, start breaking open those piggy banks!” says the Four Star Video Heaven campaign website. [read more...]
A new invasive species has been discovered in Wisconsin’s lake system. Until 2012, New Zealand mud snails had only been found in the western United States. A lab at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point analyzed a sample of water detected at Black Earth Creek and detected the presence of snails in Wisconsin waters. There were only a few asexual clones of the snails, which helped the scientists determine that the snails were from Colorado. It is possible that they came by way of a sport fisherman. [read more...]
With this winter’s record-breaking fronts, the depth of ice covering Madison’s lakes may have been the least of your worries - unless you spend your time fishing on it. With the worst of the winter season behind us, however, you may begin to wonder: when is all the ice going to melt? [read more...]
As a full-blooded African, everything in my genes leads me to cringe at the thought of anything related to cold. Recently, however, something fascinating happened in my adopted home state of Wisconsin. This year’s harsh winter allowed for spectacular ice caves to emerge along the shores of Lake Superior. Even someone of my heritage can appreciate the allure of these natural wonders. [read more...]
Mass transportation is an important part of any big city. In most cases, citizens depend on local transit to get to work. In New York City, people are now using the subway system not only for work, but also to maintain their social lives. Consequently, two long-time records have been broke in “the City.” [read more...]
Pancakes taste wonderful, but they would not be as scrumptious without real maple syrup. And this year in Wisconsin, we have a lot of it. [read more...]
A painting long considered fake was recently declared a Van Gogh original by a set of experts at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. [read more...]
Have you ever wondered how prehistoric creatures moved or how their body structures were formed? [read more...]
Henry Vilas Zoo’s very own 18-year-old African lion, Henry, died this year. His health and quality of life was decreased over time due to old age and late stage renal failure. [read more...]
Amid national discussion over interest rates on federal student loans, and the mounting problem of student loan debt, University of Wisconsin System passed a tuition freeze to take place this academic year. This means that for the 2013-14 year, costs of tuition will remain the same as the previous school year. The freeze will apply to in-state and out-of-state undergraduates along with graduate students. Therefore, the change will affect all UW System students. Lawmakers wrote the tuition freeze into the 2013-15 state budget that was passed by Governor Scott Walker. [read more...]
Shoppers want to be well aware of which products are good and which ones are bad. It’s easy to tell when you visit a store and examine it for yourself, but it gets much trickier online. Experts say some online reviews are not actually consumer opinions, but are for-hire endorsements or promotional material. [read more...]
Across the Middle East and Africa one of the great civil rights struggles of our generation is being fought. Young girls are on the front lines. [read more...]
Two researchers at Cornell University arranged an experiment to finally settle the score about the age-old diet advice: “Never shop on an empty stomach.” [read more...]
On June 21, the summer solstice, all types of live music will be heard in Madison, thanks to the volunteer-led organization called Make Music Madison. [read more...]
The Capital Times recently won 10 awards from the Milwaukee Press Club annual for “Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism.” [read more...]
Dane County recently reached an agreement with the Bruce Company to pur-chase hundreds of acres of land along the Sugar River. This historic purchase is the county’s largest-ever acquisition of river frontage and creates countless new opportuni-ties for outdoor recreation. [read more...]
A new initiative aimed at the achievement gap opened recently in Madison’s Leopold School neighborhood. It is a partnership between Dane County and the United Way of Dane County. The program intends to support learning for children from birth until they enter four-year-old kindergarten. “This investment will help make sure more kids enter four-year old kindergarten ready to succeed,” says Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. [read more...]
Recently, a new American Girl doll named Saige Copeland was introduced as the 2013 Girl of the Year. Saige is a fourth grader from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who loves to paint and ride horses. She is the latest edition of the popular featured doll by the Middleton-based American Girl Company. [read more...]
Last year, a 14-year old Pakistani girl was shot by members of the Taliban, a militant Islamic group, because she wrote a blog advocating education for girls. [read more...]
Blackbeard was the most fearsome pirate that ever to sail the seas, notorious for his daredevil tactics in battle. Blackbeard was known for his success in piracy and for his murderous ways. [read more...]
According to new rules set by Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), hunters will be allowed to eliminate almost a quarter of Wisconsin’s wolves this winter. Debates go on about whether this hunt will actually make any difference in our state’s thriving wolf population. [read more...]
South Towne Mall is getting makeover. Construction and reconfiguration at the mall began in August. South Towne is anchored by Kohl’s and Shopko department stores, and by Hobby Lobby. [read more...]
In an effort to get two red pandas to mate, the Henry Vilas Zoo is hosting a new male red panda. [read more...]
The city of Green Bay has a downtown rodent infestation and city officials intend to deal with it in a unique way; they plan to introduce birds of prey. [read more...]
The Aronson Award for career achievement in social justice journalism is an honor given to Nobel Peace Prize winners and other prestigious journalists. The 2011 Aronson Award went to John Nichols from Madison’s very own Capital Times. [read more...]
Many people are familiar with the Big Bang Theory: a large explosion created the entire universe. However, most people are unfamiliar with how matter was formed. Scientists have theorized that the key to this puzzle is the Higgs particle. [read more...]
Pandas, especially giant pandas, are extremely difficult to breed in captivity. Because they are endangered in the wild, zoos try hard to breed pandas as a way to help protect the species. [read more...]
Recently, Henry Vilas Zoo’s white rhinoceros, Gracie, died at the age of 41. Gracie was brought to the zoo in 1976 with her mate George. Both have lived well beyond the normal 20 to 30 year life expectancy for rhinos. [read more...]
These days it seems everything is available through technology, even reading material. In recent years, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have developed e-readers, and made available thousands of books for purchase and download online. [read more...]
While many newspapers in Wisconsin are seeing a drop in their hard copy circulation count, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s readership has actually grown according to The Audit Bureau of Circulation. [read more...]
The results of a national reading exam administered in 2009 showed Wisconsin’s African-American fourth-grade students posted scores that trailed their racial peers in every other state. Now, there is new national data from 2011; and this new data shows only slight improvement for those Wisconsin students. [read more...]
Monday, Mary Burke, Trek Bicycle executive and former Commerce secretary, announced plans to run for Lucy Mathiak’s current seat on the School Board this spring. She is running on the platform of closing the achievement gap in Madison public schools. [read more...]
Technology, especially in television, has improved significantly over time. From black and white to color, from poor sound quality to movie theater surround sound, and now from 2-D to 3-D, the way we watch television is constantly being reinvented. [read more...]
OMG! New expressions are being added to the dictionary! [read more...]
The Dane County drug court began in 1996 and is one of about 2,000 such courts in the United States. Participants must have no convictions or pending cases due to violence or weapon possession. They must also have an identifiable need for drug treatment. [read more...]