World War Two Ended in

Devastation for Europe

by Amanda Welch, age 13

World War Two lasted from September 3, 1939, to August 14, 1945. Researchers estimate that over 60 million people died in this war, which damaged Europe’s political and economic standing in the world.

World War Two began in Europe when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. Conflict quickly arose between other European nations too! During a seven-month period known as the “Phony War, Germany and Russia took over Poland. [Read More]

Unheard Calls for Political Reform Led to the French Revolution

by Amanda Welch, age 13

From 1789 to 1799, the people of France led their country in a revolution that marked a huge turning point in European history and led to the end of the French Monarchy. The period included the Reign of Terror which lasted for from 1793 to 1794.

By 1789, many French people were upset with their government. The rich and powerful aristocracy and churchmen had an unfair advantage in society. The middle class had to pay high taxes, while the poor starved. King Louis XVI rose to the throne in 1774, but he failed to solve his country’s problems. [Read More]

Author of The Federalist Papers, Hamilton Died in a Historic Duel

by Callan Bird Bear, age 13

Born in the late 1750’s, Alexander Hamilton was an American Founding Father and is now portrayed on the 10 dollar bill. He grew up on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. His father left when he was only 10-years old and two years later, his mother died of an illness.

Despite--or perhaps because of--the adversity he faced at a young age, Hamilton developed powerful communication skills. After writing a letter about the devastating hurricane that hit St. Croix in 1772, he caught the attention of a St. Croix newspaper editor named Hugh Knox. Knox sent the then 16-year-old Hamilton to New York City. Here he attended King’s College but soon dropped out to help the Patriots protest British impositions. [Read More]

Through Hardship, Billie Holiday Created Memorable Music

by Dani Williams, age 13

Eleanora Fagan, commonly known as Billie Holiday, was an entertaining international jazz singer. She was born on April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to her parents, Sarah Julie and Clarence Holiday.

Billie Holiday had a rough childhood. Her mom was addicted to drugs and had a number of bad relationships with men. At a very young age, Billie experienced abuse herself. When she was only 10-years-old, she was raped. Sent to a home for troubled girls, Billie was accused of seducing her attacker. A few years later, she began working at a house of prostitution called “Marble Stoop” and was soon arrested. Billie had many obstacles to overcome. [Read More]

The “Godmother of Punk” and feminist icon, Joan Jett, worked hard for all her accomplishments. Born Joan Larkin, she took on the stage name Joan Jett along the path to her dream of starting an all-girl band. [read more...]
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is an historically-important building located in London, of course, named after William Shakespeare. Both the backstory and construction of the Globe are as interesting as the playwright himself. [read more...]
World War Two lasted from September 3, 1939, to August 14, 1945. Researchers estimate that over 60 million people died in this war, which damaged Europe’s political and economic standing in the world. [read more...]
Today, many recently established news companies use social media outlets like Facebook or Snapchat. Even though these companies may be under fire from more traditional publishers of news, such as the New York Times, the style of journalism being used is very similar to that of early American newspapers. [read more...]
On April 20th, 1999, two American teenagers named Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, were responsible for 13 deaths and many more injuries among teachers and students at Columbine High School in Colorado. This shooting was the biggest at the time in the United States. [read more...]
In March 12, 1928, at 11:57 p.m. the St. Francis Dam broke, freeing 12.6 billion gallons of water into the San Francisquito Canyon, destroying lots of homes, and claiming innocent lives. [read more...]
December 16, 1960, at 10:45 am, an airliner came blazing through Brooklyn, New York, crashing into another plane. [read more...]
Ancient Egyptians were skilled mathematicians and architects who built huge stone monuments in honor of their rulers. One type of monument they built for their pharaohs was the pyramid. The most impressive of the ancient monuments were the Egyptian pyramids which were built in Giza. [read more...]
Historians call the process of African colonization “The Scramble for Africa.” It began with an agreement at the Berlin conference, which lasted from 1884 to 1885. There, representatives from 15 European countries met to decide on the process to colonize the continent. [read more...]
From 1789 to 1799, the people of France led their country in a revolution that marked a huge turning point in European history and led to the end of the French Monarchy. The period included the Reign of Terror which lasted for from 1793 to 1794. [read more...]
In Ancient Egypt, around 2686 to 2181 B.C.E., the Egyptians built the Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids held the tombs of pharaohs and many secrets for thousands of years. Now that the chambers of the deceased pharaohs are opened, a number of ancient Egyptian secrets have been revealed. [read more...]
Born in the late 1750’s, Alexander Hamilton was an American Founding Father and is now portrayed on the 10 dollar bill. He grew up on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. His father left when he was only 10-years old and two years later, his mother died of an illness. [read more...]
Eleanora Fagan, commonly known as Billie Holiday, was an entertaining international jazz singer. She was born on April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to her parents, Sarah Julie and Clarence Holiday. [read more...]
Have you ever taken a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night? If you have and posted it online, you may have committed a misdemeanor. [read more...]
The GameCube was one of the most successful consoles to be released in the early 2000's. In North America, it was released on November 18, 2001. It sold a total of 21.74 million units worldwide. When creating the GameCube, its designers added playful features for those who knew where to look. [read more...]
When did the New World and the Old World really meet? Pre-Columbian theories claim that interaction between the indigenous Americans and people from Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania occurred before Columbus. With a large diversity of scientific, linguistic, physical, and folklore evidence of contact from four different continents, it seems plausible that this was the case. [read more...]
Now famous recording and performing artist and actor Will Smith succeeded at an early age. In fact, he became a millionaire before the age of 18. Amazingly, he has been just as successful throughout his career. [read more...]
The flu pandemic of 1918 was one of the largest and deadliest in history. The influenza, or flu, pandemic infected about 500 million people—about one third of the planet’s population at that time. The flu infected more than 25 percent of the U.S. population, and more than 675,000 Americans died. The disease was first seen in Europe, the U.S., and parts of Asia. Then it spread around the world. The first flu vaccine was decades away; there was no effective treatment available in 1918. [read more...]
In the cold, far east of Europe, there is a country that borders Poland and Russia. Its history of Varangian tribes, Viking rule, and Russian occupation has made for a unique country. This nation, Ukraine, is also home to many revolutionaries. [read more...]
Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredibly influential civil rights activist not only to the African-American community but also worldwide. He fought for equal rights for African-Americans and other groups of people until he was assassinated in 1968. [read more...]
Over thousands of years, generations of stargazers and astronomers from every culture have located and named the constellations known to humanity. We have been fascinated by space for so long that, amazingly, we may know more about space than our own Earth. Nevertheless, with newer technology, we are always learning more about far distant parts of our skies. [read more...]
Thousands of years ago, when farming began, it changed the world. Centuries ago, meat made up about a third of prehistoric peoples' diet. Since they had to follow the herds of animals they hunted, these early people never stayed put in one place, they lived as nomads. [read more...]
The term “metropolis” is typically used to refer to a large, bustling city with tall buildings and constant movement. A 1927 silent movie by the same name made cinematographic history, and despite its subtle-but-strong influence on popular culture, you’ve likely never even heard of it. [read more...]
What would you do for a million dollars? Would you lie about who you are? Make up talents? Threaten blackmail? Infamous conwoman Cassie Chadwick did all of the above in pursuit of money. [read more...]
If you've ever studied poetry, you've likely read “Phenomenal Woman” or “Still I Rise.” These are only two of the classics written by the talented, inspiring poet Maya Angelou. [read more...]
Many may have heard the name “Malala Yousafzai” before, but some might not know who this powerful young woman is. Yousafzai is a very important activist who has helped girls in Pakistan fight for their educations. [read more...]
Earlier this year, scientists stumbled upon a specimen they claim to be the oldest fossil ever discovered – dating back at least 3.77 billion years. In a recent study, researchers Mattew S. Dodd, Dr. Dominic Papineau, and their colleagues at the University College London examined rocks from a formation in Canada called Nuvvuagittuq. [read more...]
Many years ago, horses here considered wild animals roamed and lived free. For centuries, they ran in large herds around the world among humans and other species. [read more...]
Many figures have changed the literary world throughout history, Chilean author Roberto Bolaño is one such figure. [read more...]
Over 430,001 years ago, a murder occurred in Northern Spain. Well, at least a suspected one. In the cave system Sima de los Huesos, translated in English to Pit of Bones, scientists found a skull with many injuries. [read more...]
Thousands of years ago, a pharaoh named Tutankhamun— commonly known as “Tut”—lie on his deathbed. He was one of the youngest pharaohs ever to rule Egypt. Ever since King Tut’s mummified body was discovered in 1922, archaeologists have worked to uncover the mystery of his life and early death. [read more...]
You probably know the legend of the majestic, antlered deer that live in the North Pole. You may even know that reindeer exist outside of Christmas stories. But did you know that there are actually people who live among reindeer? [read more...]
Singer and actress, Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her parents are Amanda Cornett and Ricardo Gomez. [read more...]
Johann Pachelbel, a 17th century classical musician, forever altered the musical world. “Canon in D major,” one of his 500-some compositions, for example, still performed by many today. [read more...]
At the 2017 Oscars, 98-year-old Katherine Johnson took the stage. It is not customary for a mathematician to be honored at this awards show; however, with the release of Hidden Figures, Johnson’s life story—in all of its success and difficulty—quickly became a national conversation. As depicted in the film, Johnson pushed through the struggles of being an African-American woman in a white-male dominated field and accomplished amazing things. [read more...]
Grown in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, the sisal plant is truly amazing. It has had a major impact on the economy of Tanzania, where thousands are employed to produce sisal. [read more...]
Laura Ingalls Wilder was an author and educator. She wrote all of the famous “Little House” books that tell tales of her childhood. Wilder’s family, just like every family, had their tragedies and triumphs. But it’s clear throughout her books that Wilder loved her family all the same. [read more...]
Once thought of as a device for only the wealthy, the computer has become a part of everyday life. But they didn’t always look the way they do today. In the late 1970's, Intel released the first “home computer.” This model was big and clunky, but it did what it was advertised to do: solve complex math problems and receive faxes. [read more...]
In the late 1970s, German citizens Gunter Wentzel and Peter Strelzyk made a historic flight in a homemade hot air balloon to escape East Germany. Even though their story is not the most popular or well-known, it is remarkable indeed. [read more...]
Many have heard of the infamous Titanic, but few may know of the recent theories emerging about how this great ship sank. The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, in the North Atlantic Ocean while traveling from Southampton, England to New York City. Instead of reaching New York City, the Titanic hit an iceberg. [read more...]
Famous athlete Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became the first black person to play major league baseball. [read more...]
Famous former president and icon Abraham Lincoln changed the world with one document: the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. Throughout his life and presidency, however, Lincoln also accomplished much more. [read more...]
In the 16th century, over 400 people in Strasbourg, France ‘danced themselves to death.’ Yes, that’s right: these Frenchmen literally killed themselves by dancing. [read more...]
Lionel Messi is a professional soccer player. He is well known for establishing goal-setting records. [read more...]
Fossils are remnants of organisms that died millions of years ago. They can provide information about organisms that we may not otherwise know. [read more...]
Ali Tomineek is an American hip hop artist, producer, actor, and writer. With just a keyboard and single song verse, he launched his career when he was only 13-years-old. [read more...]
If you watch TV, have social media accounts, or listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard about the famous musical Hamilton at least once or twice in the past few months. This production, which chronicles the life of the first secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton, has recently earned great acclaim. But who is behind this smart, unique, and engaging musical? [read more...]
“This sentence is false.” Logically, the statement “this sentence is false” is true. But if it’s true, then the sentence must be false. This circular kind of thinking could continue forever. [read more...]
One of the most fearsome leaders of the early 5th century was not a war general or a dictator. No, he was the short, illegitimate son of an Irish king. His story is often overlooked in history books and little is known about his personal life, but his legacy lives on along with his name: he is Niall of the Nine Hostages. [read more...]
Misty Copeland was the first-ever African American principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theater (ABT). A principal dancer is someone who can dance in almost any performance and is almost always the lead dancer. This is one of the highest and most prestigious classes a dancer can obtain. Yet, Copeland’s life wasn’t always this glamorous. [read more...]
The Galapagos are a group of oceanic islands made up of 15 main islands, 42 islets, and 26 rocks and reefs. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the islands were created when lava rose from the sea bed. The region also has a marine reserve of 79,900 square kilometers. [read more...]
Famous painter Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyocoan, Mexico. Though Kahlo is one of Mexico’s most known and revered painters, she actually didn’t begin her artistic career until after she was gravely injured in a bus accident. [read more...]
The Great Barrier Reef, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is an astounding symbol of life and beauty. Home to thousands of creatures, it is currently under threat of destruction, however, and could ultimately become a representation of how the world can kill a natural-made beauty. [read more...]
You may have heard of her before, or maybe you have even seen her wailing her terrifying cries. She is the Banshee, fairy of death and witchcraft, the star of many Irish legends. [read more...]
The Salem Witch Trials began and ended in Massachusetts in the early 1690s. Accused of practicing witchcraft, 200 people were prosecuted and put in prison during this time; 20 of whom were eventually hanged. [read more...]
Back in the 1800s, many Irish people emigrated to Wisconsin. To this day, their descendants continue to live throughout the state and influence its culture. [read more...]
For decades, an old astronaut dummy sat collecting dust at the National Air and Space Museum’s (NASM) warehouse in Suiteland, Maryland. No one knew what it was, and passerbys often wondered why it was there and for what purpose. [read more...]
Justin Drew Bieber, known simply to much of the world as Justin Bieber, is a pop superstar who was first discovered via YouTube at age 12. Born on March 1, 1994, Bieber was raised in Stratford, Ontario by a single mother. [read more...]
The question “is music poetry?” crossed my mind on a Tuesday afternoon at the Simpson Street Free Press newsroom, when I stumbled across a news release my editor Aarushi Agni had placed inside my folder. The release, a recent article from The New York Times, explained the reactions of the literature community after the iconic Folk singer/songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his songwriting work. [read more...]
Ella Fitzgerald, also known as “The First Lady of Song,” was an astonishing singer. Born to William Fitzgerald and Temperance “Tempie” Williams Fitzgerald, in Newport News, Virginia on April 25, 1917, Fitzgerald lived solely with her mother. [read more...]
A big-time star with an attitude, Selena Quintanilla Perez was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, on April 16, 1971. She began performing as a child and, by age of 10, became the lead singer in her family band, "Selena y Los Dinos". [read more...]
Do you watch your favorite YouTubers all the time? Do you want to see them poor and stressed out? Because that’s what could happen due to recent changes in YouTube policies. Read on for the sake of PewDiePie—a YouTube sensation! [read more...]
Who revolutionized jazz music and created some of the most well-known songs in history? Louis Armstrong, that's who. Though Armstrong passed away 45 years ago, his legacy is just as prevalent as ever. [read more...]
Do you know who L. Frank Baum is? Here's a hint: The Wicked Witch of the West. Baum was born on May 15, 1856, in Syracuse, New York. Despite being born into a rich family, Baum suffered from a weak heart. Because of his condition, he missed school and was educated at home. He also briefly attended military school when he was 12. [read more...]
Katrin Brendemuehl, age 13 and Callan Bird Bear, age 12 The gorgeous artwork crafted by Native American tribes known as beadwork can be as intricate as the wings of a dragonfly. The allure of colorful glass beads against a dark, rich fabric is enough to catch nearly anyone’s eye. This fall, the James Watrous Gallery, a gallery at the Overture Center with a focus on contemporary Wisconsin artists, features these culturally significant, powerful works. [read more...]
Could you imagine walking over 1600 kilometers, alone and in the cold, harsh weather of the Antarctic? This past year, a man almost completed this nearly impossible task. [read more...]
If you've ever been to a powwow, you might have heard the tinkling sound of the Jingle Dress Dane. Historically used for healing, the Jingle Dress is now part of a dance that honors and celebrates Ojibwe culture and tradition. [read more...]
The history of ancient Greece is very interesting. Ancient Greek people told stories to help each other learn about the world around them. They had ideas about their food that seem weird to us today they also invented theatre as we know it and the Olympic games. [read more...]
Albert Einstein was a great example of a scientist who helped us understand that matter can be turned into energy, proving it with his famous formula E=mc2. [read more...]
Former professional basketball player Michael Jordan, also known as Air Jordan, Black Cat, MJ, and His Airness, is known as one of the best players to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Jordan played in the NBA from 1984-2003. He is best known for his time as a shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls. [read more...]
Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists of all time. He is mostly known for his early theories of gravity, but also for his discovery of the three laws of motion. [read more...]