Grizzlies Dominate in the North

The grizzly is one of the most well known bears. In fact, it is nicknamed the “mighty bear.”

The mighty bear has brown fur that is also speckled with grey. This is called “grizzled” fur. Grizzlies are also omnivorous, meaning they eat everything including fungi, leaves, berries, roots, sprouting plants, insects, fish, and small mammals.

You can find grizzlies in Alaska, northwestern Canada, and the Rocky mountains. Grizzlies are potentially the most dangerous kind of bears in these areas because of their strong jaws, massive size, and impressive claws. These amazing claws can grow up to six inches long, and help grizzlies catch their food, dig, and climb

Grizzly bears have many of characteristics that make them cool and interesting, but I would never want to meet one in the wild!

[Source: Wild Creatures]

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