Growing Human Population Is Big Threat to Animal Species

Currently, many animals are losing their habitats to the ever-growing human population.

One example is the Mediterranean monk seal, which has suffered recently due to the effects of the increasing tourism industry. Their breeding grounds have been invaded by vacationers, especially near beaches and villages. Also, these animals are in danger because fishermen hunt them. In fact, only 600 Mediterranean monk seals are left today.

Another animal being threatened is the famous giant panda and its cousin, the red panda. These creatures live in South and East Asia, where there habitats are being destroyed because villages and towns are growing rapidly. Similarily, in the highlands of the Himlayas, the black-necked crane faces threats from tourists; this species is too shy to breed when crowded by people.

The most endangered animals are the ones that currently live in rivers, swamps, and marshes. Their habitats are often drained and cleared out to create space for towns and villages. Tourist areas along waterfronts also play a big role in endangering the lives of these creatures.

If we want to protect these endangered animals, we have to figure out how to stop destroying their habitats. Animals are an important part of our Earth, and we should do what we can to make sure they survive.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Endangered Animals]