Many people grew up watching Disney Channel. Recently, the channel has changed a lot. Disney now airs more mature shows to attract more viewers. [read more...]
At just seven-years-old and only in the second grade Samuel Garduño- Martinez, otherwise known as Samy, is the youngest staff writer in the history of Simpson Street Free Press. [read more...]
Did you know that mosquitoes can carry a deadly disease called malaria? [read more...]
Thirty-three-year old Nik Wallanda recently set an amazing world record by crossing the Niagara Falls. With high winds and dangerous weather, Wallanda walked across the falls on a tightrope. He used a safety harness, a safety measure insisted upon by ABC, the television network that broadcasted Wallanda. [read more...]
For centuries women from Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Qatar have watched their husbands, brothers and fathers compete in the Olympics. Finally, in the 2012 Olympic Games, these women got their own chance to compete, entering different events including, hurdling, swimming, track and shooting. [read more...]
You probably watched the Olympic trials this summer, but how closely did you notice that runners and swimmers were wearing different kinds of athletic suits? These suits are designed to make them perform better. [read more...]
Recently, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has requested that milk be removed from lunch programs in schools, saying that milk is high in sugar and too high in fat. They suggest instead of milk for calcium, kids should eat more beans, broccoli, cereal and tofu, which are all rich in calcium. [read more...]
Many people wonder why every state has a national park except Delaware. Luckily for them, there’s a proposal being discussed concerning a national park to be added in Delaware. [read more...]
Forest fires can be bad, but they also can be good. For many years people thought that all forest fires should be put out. Then they realized stopping the small fires made big fires worse. [read more...]