Nine New Teen Editors and Columnists
Promoted at Simpson Street Free Press

Nine local student reporters were recently promoted to teen editor positions at Simpson Street Free Press. All are veteran Free Press staff writers. These young journalists take on crucial jobs in Free Press newsrooms. High school-age student editors manage our various sections, assist younger writers, write columns and special features, and organize summer book clubs.

JeNiya Adams just completed her sophomore year at Madison Memorial High School. She will spend her junior year studying at the new Madison College campus in south Madison. JeNiya is part of the STEM Academy initiative, a partnership between Madison Schools and MATC. JeNiya will author first-hand reports about the new south side campus and publish her stories in various Simpson Street Free Press publications. As part of her job at Simpson Street, JeNiya will also coordinate book clubs for 4th and 5th graders.

Moises Hernandez began at Simpson Street by working for our Badger Rock Free Press publication. He is now a sophmore at Madison West. This summer Moises interns with Isthmus. Moises demonstrates a keen eye when studying Wisconsin's natural environment. Watch for his upcoming stories on the Great Lakes. Moises writes in English and Spanish.

Yani Thoranka is a student at Madison East High School. She began working as a staff writer at Simpson Street when she was in 6th grade. Yani is an excellent student and her Free Press specialties are book reviews and science.

Kadjata Bah is serving a summer internship at Madison Magazine. Kadjata is a familiar face to Simpson Street Free Press readers. She has twice won Scholastic Key Awards for her articles and columns in the Free Press. When working with younger students Kadjata focuses on close-reading, fact-checking, spelling and vocabulary.

Josepha Da Costa has been a staff writer at SSFP for three years. She is a student at LaFollette High School. Josepha interns this summer at Midwest Family Broadcasting. She is working now on a story about solar energy for our ongoing Energy and Environment series.

Christy Zheng been writing for the Free Press since she was in 5th grade. She specializes in science writing and helps coordinate our ongoing Science of Wisconsin's Environment series. Christy is a junior at McFarland High School.

Devika Pal has spent two years as a staff writer for Badger Rock Free Press. She works at our South Towne Mall location. Devika is an aspiring journalist and a student at West High School. This fall she joins Badger Rock Free Press as an editor and mentor.

Leilani McNeal is a student at Madison West. Leilani originally started at Simpson Street as a staff writer for our James Wright Free Press publication. This summer Leilani interns with Isthmus. Leilani likes to write on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from social justice issues to lake conservation projects in Dane County.

Abby Comerford began working as a staff writer at Simpson Street when she was in 6th grade. She worked as a staff writer at James Wright Free Press for three years. She attends Madison West High School. She is working now on a story about Native American icons for our ongoing Wisconsin History series.