South Side Eats

Carnival's Brings Great Food and Soft Serve to Park Street

by Pallav Regmi, age 13

    Recently I enjoyed a delicious meal with several of my fellow staff writers at Carnival's, a local south side restaurant famous for its mouth-watering Baja fries.
    The menu includes both ethnic and American cuisine.  The sit-in, take-out, or delivery restaurant serves tacos, gyros, and nachos alongside hamburgers, hot dogs, and Mac n’ cheese.  It might seem like a simple idea, but believe me; this place will please many taste buds.
   Carnival's famous Baja fries are from an original recipe created for the restaurant.  They are served with “CC sauce,” a secret recipe based off of “fry sauce,” a popular tomato and mayonnaise mixed condiment that is commonly found in restaurants in Utah.
Carnival's is a spin-off of a seasonal ice cream food drive-in restaurant in Richland Center, Wisconsin.  It is called the Dairy-O and has been operating for 28 years. Pamela Carley, the owner and founder of Carnival's, grew up in a restaurant business. In a phone interview she said she wanted to open up a place for food on the south side of Madison because she had the opportunity and extra equipment to start a food business. She felt there was a need for this kind of restaurant in south Madison. According to the carnival’s website, Pamela first had the idea after realizing there was no where in south Madison to get good tasting soft-serve ice cream.
     Overall, I would recommend the restaurant for anyone.  You can go there for lunch, dining out, or just a delicious ice cream break.  Carnival's is a very lively place and a great local restaurant. Best of all, it’s for food and ice cream lovers of any age.

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