Sports Injuries and Female Athletes

by Cecilia Gonzales, age 14

New research has found that going up for the rebound is the easiest way to get hurt in a basketball game. Mis-steps while going for rebounds make up one-fourth of all basketball-related injuries.

Another way that basketball players often get hurt is when they run into each other. Players also get hurt when they fall or get stepped on by other players.

A recent study, completed by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, shows that 40 percent of all basketball-related injuries occur near the ankle or foot. Ligament strains are the most common. This is because the game consists almost entirely of running and jumping.

The study also found that injuries vary by gender. It suggested that girls are more likely to get hurt and twice as likely to get a concussion, possibly because they have weaker necks.

But some researchers disagree that female players get more concussions then boys. These researchers believe boys might not report their concussions as often. Also, boys are more likely to have bone fractures than girls they say.

In order to prevent injuries, players should warm up and stretch before games. This could reduce at least some of the injuries associated with sports in general, and basketball in particular.

[Source: The New York Times]

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