Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Town in Turkey

Archaeologists have recently discovered a town in Turkey near Mesopotamia that they believe is the oldest known town in the world.

The old Turkish city is called Catalhoyuk and is about 9,000 years old. From what archeologists estimate, 10,000 people used to live in this region; now the town is a set of decomposing ruins. The town of Catalhoyuk had no front doors, and homes were built right next to each other. Evidence shows that instead of using streets and paths to travel between homes, people usually had to walk across the rooftops. Without any current resources, the town looks prehistoric.

Catalhoyuk is known for various things. A signature of the townsfolk in this area was their talent for art. Their art was mostly creative design that included murals and sculptures. The townsfolk usually put their finished art in interiors and exteriors of the most used room - an ancient equivalent of changing wallpaper every few months. Usually the main room was featured with red painted plaster bull skulls attached to the walls of the room. They also used animal bones and remains which included beaks, teeth, skulls, and tusks.

This recent information gives us insight on how these people used to live and interact in one of the oldest cities in Turkey. The town's discovery has left people asking themselves many questions including what other types of art culture did they use? We may be able to solve some of these unknown mysteries as we continue to study the little-known city of Catalhoyuk.

[Source: Mysterious Places ]