How is the Weather Predicted?

Have you ever wondered where information about the weather comes from? Or how meteorologists find out what to broadcast or put on your mobile device? Meteorologists use multiple tools and electronics to find out the weather for days to come. Some of these tools measure wind speeds and directions, the temperature, and the amount of rainfall.

Meteorologists have a large impact on the information we are told about the atmosphere around us. These are people who study the weather to predict the future atmosphere. A weather forecast predicts the weather for the next few days or even weeks, and most of the time is broadcast on television by a meteorologist.

A device called doppler radar has a big impact on how we understand the detail about the weather to come. The doppler tells us more about the speed and direction of rain, hail, and snowfall. It also provides us with information of when dangerous weather may start and end.

Another tool called a weather satellite takes in its information from the sky above. The satellite may carry a kind of camera to take photos to send back to earth. The main purpose for the use of this device is to monitor the atmosphere. Meteorologists and weather forecasters rely on this tool, which tends to last a long time.

There are other devices that are used to help meteorologists. One of the most common one – used in most households – is the thermometer, which tells the air temperature around us. Other devices are also used, including the barometer that measures air pressure, and the anemometer that tells us the air speed. Another would be a wind vane, which shows the direction of the wind.

There are multiple gadgets used that help show us what the weather may be like, and by using these, we can have a better understanding of future weather.

[Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

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