Tectonic Plates: They Rock!

Have you heard about tectonic plates? Tectonic plates are large separate pieces of the sea floor. Seismologists have recently learned something new about tectonic plates. Seismologists thought that the tectonic plates drifted apart naturally. Now, seismologists discovered rock rising; We now know why we were drifting.

When tectonic plates move together, they sometimes collide and cause cracks in the seafloor, exposing lava. Over time, this lava is forced up to the surface as magma by the Earth’s mantle. Magma rises to the surface and is cooled down by water, eventually becoming rock. This process is called rock rising. Rock rising may be the cause of the continents to flow away from each other.

Unfortunately, because the continents are flowing away from each other, this may cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Rock rising may happen afterwards. It happens when the tectonic plates collide with each other. After the plates have calmed down, they separate from each other. There is a crack that appears and lava spits out of the crack. This is what causes natural eruptions. These eruptions will cause shock waves that will ricochet around the world.

New knowledge regarding tectonic plates is being discovered from seismologists, but much is still unknown about the true mechanism of these plates. Hopefully, we won’t drift too far because of the rock rising.

[Source: Science News for Students]

Excellent writing!! This article is very interesting and full of fascinating facts. – Shoko MiyagiUW-Madison (2021-11-30 09:29)