Rhinoceros Vipers Are Venomous

 If you were to get bitten by the rhinoceros viper, a small amount of its venom would kill you.

This snake ranges up to six feet long and is covered with scales that grip the ground which improve the snake's mobility. The rhinoceros viper has scales on top of its head that form horns, though no one knows what their purpose is. The rhinoceros viper has lines and shapes of different colors that help camouflage it.

It's not easy to get away from the rhinoceros viper because it can track you down with its keen sense of smell.

When attacking, the rhinoceros viper might break its fangs but it has six replacement pairs. The snake has long venomous fangs that release deadly venom which can cause internal bleeding, tissue decay, and organ failure. Sometimes it doesn't release venom.

The rhinoceros viper likes to live in rainforests of central and west Africa where there are damp swamps; these snakes can live up to 15 years. It eats small mammals, birds, lizards, toads, and fish. The rhinoceros viper can climb and is nocturnal.

[Source: Snakes And Reptile]

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If poisonous snakes aren't the definition of Cool, that what is? I spent my childhood dreaming about rattlesnakes ambushing me on the way upstairs to bed, but STILL haven't been lucky enough to see one in the wild. But did once find a hognose at a boy scout camp who put up a good show. Now going to check under my bed to see if a Rhino viper might not be lurking under there. Good job Malaya, more deadly critter reports, please. You can never have too many! :-) Amos – AmosMadison (2020-01-15 21:48)
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