The Red Planet of Mars

You may think you know everything about Mars from watching the Star Trek movie but its not the real story.

Mars is the fourth planet away from the sun. Mars has a thin atmosphere, which can possibly trap water and make it as thin as ice beneath the surface of Mars. There’s even a chance that Mars can have fossils of life forms. In 1984. scientists discovered there was a meteorite that landed in Antarctica and came in the form of a four pound rock which came from Mars.

Humans cannot go on Mars although Mars and Earth have a lot of similarities. The two planets are similar because Mars has some surface water; also it has flash floods, and Mars once had a volcano. Scientists say that in the summer, it gets around 68 degrees ferenheight but in the winter it goes down to -284 degrees ferenheight. If you land on Mars without a space suit, you will die from lack of oxygen and due to the low atmosphere pressure your blood will boil.

In the future, human will look to mars for its mining because it is rich with minerals such as iron and aluminum, that’ll be used for a long time. Scientist also hope to colonize Mars and melt the ice beneath the surface. This is a green house effect which would cause the ice to warm up and create seas.

Mars has a lot of traits that scientist already know but they are still studying the planet to discover more.

[Source: Secrets of the Universe]