The Secret Language of Roses

Have you been given roses and thought about what they represented? Roses are unique and symbols of love. This article will tell you more about significance of different colors of roses.

Roses are a sign of love, especially red roses. Along with love, they can mean respect or even sorrow depending on their shade of color. The number of roses given also has meaning. The most common number given in a boquet is 12 red roses, which can be used to say “I love you.”

Pink roses often represent emotions like joy and everlasting love. There are many variations of pink roses, like dark pink and light pink. Dark pink usually symbolizes gratefulness while light pink can signify innocence.

Similarly, white roses are connected to purity. They often can be used during weddings to symbolize many different virtues, including devotion and love within the marrige. This color can also mean new beginnings and humility.

Roses are very pretty. By learning the different colors of roses and their meanings, next time when you get a rose, you will know what it means.

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