Were Mythical Creatures Inspired by Real Animals?

Imagine explaining a mystical animal to someone, they might think you’re crazy. Why? This is because what is being described is a monster, an unknown creature. Many have questioned and imagined animals that only seem to be a myth, this could come from others' imagination while traveling or being in an unknown place.

Many believe that mythical creatures are magical, but others see mythical creatures as dark and dangerous. For instance, the Hydra has been described as a nine-headed creature that regrows heads when someone attempts to chop them off. Another mythical creature that is seen as evil is the Basilisk, who has been described as a mean and venomous lizard who preys on the harmless.

Travelers have also made their own stories that have caught the attention of people. For example, ancient sailors have claimed to see mermaids from a distance, but they most likely were dugongs mistaken as mermaids. Stories from travelers walking through the Himalayas have been passed on about footprints of an abominable snowman. Some even believed they saw giant imprinted footprints of a creature such as a yeti.

Narwhals, which once were believed to be made up, have also been mistaken for mythical unicorns. The narwhal’s horn is a 10-foot tusk. Just like the mythical unicorns that have been believed to be in the water, the Loch Nose Monster has been believed to live in the sea. This prehistoric creature can look very close to a giraffe in water.

Believers of these creatures claim that they are dangerous and some claim that they are real. These are just a few examples of folklore stories that have left much thinking. Mythical creatures can be interrupted to be magical or dangerous. But at least they aren't real, or are they?

[Source: The Children’s Factfinder ]

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