Watchdog Journalists Bring Down a President

All the President’s Men Is a Lesson in American History

reviewed by Selin Gok, age 16

It was 1972 and President Richard Nixon was running for reelection. Late one evening an obscure, seemingly minor break in took place at Democratic party headquarters. Nobody at the time could have predicted that this incident would shake the foundations of the federal government.
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were the two young journalists who broke the Watergate story. They were reporters for the Washington Post .
All the President’s Men is a political thriller based on the real accounts of these two journalists who investigated the Watergate scandal. All the President’s Men was released in 1976. The film stars Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman.
The film begins at the Watergate Hotel complex when a security guard discovers an unlocked door. The guard suspects a burglary because the door is kept open with tape. The police arrive at the scene and arrest the five burglars. As the story develops, it turns out these mysterious men were attempting to bug the national headquarters of the Democratic Party.
Soon after the arrest, the film cuts to the newsroom of the Washington Post Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are assigned to cover the seemingly routine burglary. Throughout the film, their executive editor Ben Bradlee constantly challenges the reporters to understand the whole story behind the scandal.
Another significant character in the movie is a senior government official and anonymous source known only as “Deep Throat”. Throughout the film, he gives clues to the reporters about the scandal. For example, in one particularly mysterious and dramatic scene, he meets late at night with Woodward in the basement of a parking garage. He points the reporter in the right direction, telling him to  “Follow the money.” By unraveling the Watergate scandal, the Washington Post investigation eventually forced President Nixon to resign in disgrace.
All the President’s Men was a very intriguing film. But it helps to have some previous knowledge of the Watergate scandal to fully appreciate the film. You have to pay attention to all the small details, or you’ll find yourself pressing the replay button on your remote. All the President’s Men is clever because director Alan J. Pakula formatted the film like a puzzle so that the viewer has to piece together information to figure out what happens next.
I recommend this film to a younger adult audience. All the President’s Men leaves the viewer with several positive messages. It demonstrates that, with hard work and dedication, you can unravel the truth in most situations. The film also dramatizes the important role journalists play in a democratic society. Journalists are watchdogs. They protect us, even from our own government.

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