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The Metamorphosis of Amphibians from Water to Land

Amphibians are born in freshwater and move out to dry land when they reach a certain age.

Many types of amphibians can be found in bodies of water.

While they are born into water, they have to go through stages of growth before moving onto land. When amphibians mate, most lay eggs, while others give birth. Those who lay eggs usually lay them in soft clumps with a jelly-like texture.

When amphibians first hatch, they are called larvae and they breathe through their gills. When the amphibians grow out of the larvae stage they have a completely different appearance. An example of this would be a frog or a toad: the frog starts as a tadpole and eventually transitions to a froglet, newt, and finally an adult frog.

Amphibians are amazing creatures that go through many stages in life. They are unique and different from other animals.

[Source: 100 Reptiles and Amphibians]

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