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Will Humans Travel Through Wormholes?

Researchers have been intrigued by an interesting new concept involving wormholes, the event of space bending and creating two linked holes in different areas of space. This concept suggests that when a wormhole starts shrinking under certain conditions, it would be possible to quickly send a message through it.

Through a simulation, Ben Jain, a physicist at a college in Massachusetts, determined that the mission probably would be aiming to send a message out of the wormhole with an automated machine, not by a manned mission through the wormhole.

This message could provide insightful information on wormholes. The message would contain valuable video that could detail the interior of wormholes and give precious evidence of how these anomalies function. Using this understanding, scientists could, hopefully, create wormholes for humanity to travel throughout the universe without much time constraint.

Through this research, many doors could be opened into the future of space travel and other groundbreaking technology. While this is widely theoretical, if this research works out, it could dramatically alter the future of humanity.


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