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Mars is Volcanically Active, Scientists Suspect

Many scientists that study Mars have come to the conclusion that Mars is still volcanically active. Scientists, using information gathered from NASA’s 2018 InSight lander, have found traces of magma flowing deep under the planet's surface.

Apart from volcanoes, Mars is known for its marsquakes; just like Earth has earthquakes. These marsquakes were detected by tools used by the InSight lander that record seismic waves. Thousands of these marsquakes, some strong, and some weak were registered in a particular spot on Mars, known as Cerberus Fossae. The high-frequency marsquakes that have been experienced were not as familiar to scientists compared to the low-frequency quakes, as they are more similar to what is seen in earthquakes on Earth.

The previous theory regarding Mars was that it, like the Moon, slowly began cooling with time. This theory is partially correct, but new research suggests that, if it were true, marsquakes would occur from around all of Mars. The magma flowing many miles under the surface may be the cause of marsquakes.

This new information states that Mars is not a dead planet, but in reality, it is an active planet. As planetary scientist Anna Mittelholz said, “We are only scratching the surface of Mars.”

[Source: ScienceNewsExplores]

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