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What's So Special About Earth?

Earth is a planet consisting of many essential layers and interesting features. These unique aspects of Earth make it a foundation for life and allow for the survival of species on the planet.

Earth is made of four distinct layers: the outer crust, inner crust, outer core, and the core. The outer crust is made up of rock and dirt and is the layer humans live on. The inner crust is the mantle which is made out of thick rock. Just beneath the mantle is the outer core. This region consists of hot iron and is responsible for lava that sometimes erupts out of volcanoes. The innermost layer is the core which contains the same elements as the outer core.

Outside of Earth, the planet also has relationships with the moon! The moon orbits Earth and if you take a close look, on clear nights you can see the moon change! The moon changes based on the positioning of reflections from the sun. On Earth, a full moon is only visible when the sunlit side of the moon faces Earth. Additionally, did you know that the tides and waves on Earth are created from gravitational pulls from the moon?

Earth is an amazing planet in the Milkway galaxy that has just the right characteristic to sustain life. There are still so many unknown aspects of Earth to discover.

[Source: 100 Things to Know About Space]

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