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Secrets of the Ice: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Arrowhead inside a Melting Glacier

As glaciers begin to melt, archaeologists in Scandinavia are discovering artifacts that help them learn more about the past. Recently, researchers found a well-preserved 1,500-year-old arrow, in what they believe is an ancient hunting ground.

The archaeologists who discovered the arrow are part of “Secrets Of The Ice”, a group of scientists and glacial archaeologists in Norway who explore and pinpoint glaciers. This arrow is not just any arrow. Not only is it believed to be older than the Vikings that inhabited the land from roughly 800-1100 AD, but it is also extremely well preserved.

The arrow was found between two rocks in Norway in an area where ancient people likely hunted reindeer. The archeologists think that the arrow was lost in the snow when one of the hunters missed a shot. Archaeologists believe the arrow was frozen into a glacier, and when the glacier melted it made its way down to where it was found. The fletching which helps stabilize the arrow while it’s flying is gone, but the arrowhead is still attached to the shaft, which is a unique discovery.

Archaeologists didn't just happen to stumble upon the rock and find an arrow. They knew that the area was used for hunting and they found over 200 arrows there. The oldest arrow they’ve found is 6,000 years old but unfortunately, it’s not as well preserved.

Finding artifacts may sound exciting because researchers are learning about our past. The melting glaciers are cause for concern. Glaciers are huge masses of ice that form over an extremely long period. They help the planet cool down, but they are melting rapidly due to climate change, which is hurting our planet and ecosystems. There are actions people can take to help combat climate change, such as reducing the amount of single-use plastic and using more eco-friendly products. We have also come far with our technology to slow down the effects of climate change such as investing in electric cars and renewable energy, giving us hope for our future.

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