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Learn All About The Ouranosaurus

The Ouranosaurus is a magnificent dinosaur that lived in parts of Western Africa. It is known for its back sail which resembles a boat sail.

The name Ouranosaurus is used to define a brave lizard in the Arabic language. This dinosaur mesaured 23 feet long and it weighed up to 4,900 to 8,800 pounds.

During the early Cretaceous period, which was 260 million years ago, this dinosaur lived in what is now Niger, Africa. The Ouranosaurus was an average type of dinosaur, it was a medium-sized Cretaceous ornithopod.

This dinosaur was discovered from an almost complete skeleton that was dug up in 1966. The closest relative of this dinosaur was the Iguanodon. The Ouranosaurus had a unique problem with its backbone: it was too big for the size of its species. Many scientists have different theories as to why the backbone was big and what its purpose was.

You can research and find more about this creature's characteristics and what it did back in the early Cretaceous period.

[Source: A Guide to Dinosaurs]

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