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The Differences Between African and Asiatic Lions

When talking about lions, people are usually thinking of African lions. However, there are also lions roaming in Asia known as the Asiastic lions.

There are just a few differences between African and Asisatic lions. One difference is that Asiatic lions, which weigh between 300 and 500 pounds, are smaller than African lions. Another key difference between the two breeds is that Asiatic lions have less of a mane which allows people to easily spot their ears. Lastly, a unique difference between both types of lions is that Asiatic male lions do not usually sleep with the females of their pride, unless they are mating.

The Asiatic lions’ habitat once included vast areas in the Middle East, Turkey, Iran, and India. Now the only place they live in the wild is in the Gir forest located in Gujarat in North Western India. The reason for their decline can be attributed to poaching, hunting for sport and the deterioration of their environment. There are only around 600 Asiatic lions left in the wild.

Asiatic lions are endangered. Hopefully action can be taken to protect them and stop their population from decreasing even more. Make a difference in the world by protecting them from poaching!

[Sources: National Geographic; PBS Kids]

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