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The Fascinating World of Zebras and Their Unique Survival Strategies

Zebras are fascinating creatures that look similar to horses, however, they are special as each zebra has its unique stripe pattern!

To remain safe, zebras live in family groups called herds. Baby zebras are called foals when they are born. These creatures are impressive, when a foal is 20 minutes old, it can start walking! An hour after birth, it learns the ability to run. Zebra foals need to run since many predators are trying to eat them.

Zebras are found in several areas of Africa. They grow to be the size of a small horse and are good at avoiding predators by confusing them with their stripes.

These striped animals like to eat grass, leaves, and twigs. They are also able to make different sounds, including barking and snorting. Zebras are interesting and very pretty animals!

[Source: National Geographic Kids ]

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