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Fun Facts About the Short-Head Seahorse

The short-head seahorse is a unique-looking fish with interesting characteristics. It is known for its curled tail that reminds many of a monkey's tail and has skin like an alligator, and its head resembles a dragon or a horse.

Seahorses live in the water around South Australia, and eat tiny shrimplike creatures that live in freshwater streams. They can look up with one eye and down with the other at the same time.

The short-head seahorse has a pouch—similar to a kangaroo's—which is known as “brood pouch” where the mother seahorse puts eggs in the father so they can grow safely until they hatch. A seahorse can lay up to 50 eggs at a time! The size of a baby seahorse is about the size of an M&M candy. If a baby gets out of the pouch it can’t return and will have to survive on its own.

Seahorses are extremely interesting animals! They are quite small so if you ever see one be careful!

[Source: National Geographic Kids]

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