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Earth’s Smallest Fox Species Lives Deep in the Sahara Desert

The fennec fox is an efficient animal that survives in the depths of the Sahara Desert. Although small, this creature can eat a lot and is known as the smallest canid species.

The fennec fox is a nocturnal animal that does much of its hunting during nighttime. Its diet consists of insects, birds, small rodents, and even smaller mammals. Despite its cute features to humans, it is scary to its prey. The fennec fox has sensitive hearing that allows it to hear prey crawling underground.

This small carnivore can grow up to 17 inches in length and about three pounds in weight, which is about the size of a house cat. It has large floppy ears that release heat from its body. Parts of its body like its coat, ears, and kidney, all work together to help it adapt to heat.

Fennec foxes mate through January and March. They learn how to communicate with their parents. These foxes communicate by making sounds such as wailing, shrieking, growling, and whimpering. Family groups of these small creatures usually consist of one breeding pair, a litter of pups (known as kits), and older siblings.

The fennec fox is a social but dangerous animal that once populated much of Northern Africa. However, they are now considered threatened animals due to hunting and human population growth. These creatures are unique and play an important role in maintaining animal populations therefore it is important to protect these creatures and understand how to promote their growth.

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