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Can You Run Faster than an Ostrich?

The largest bird in the world cannot fly, but it can kill with just its feet. The ostrich can grow up to nearly 8 feet. Male ostriches make a big booming sound to warn other ostriches when danger is near. These large, flightless birds tend to live in dry, open areas as well as woodlands in the country of Africa.

Ostriches are really quick, their max running speed being 44 miles per hour. Ostriches have two toes; one toe is larger and very strong which they can use to kick animals for defense. This kick is strong enough that it can kill a lion!

A single ostrich egg is so big that it can fit 24 chicken eggs. They are family birds that like to share nests and they usually like to live in flocks. The nest of the ostrich is round and in a hole that they dig in the dirt. Ostriches eat grass, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots.

One group of related birds that are like the ostrich is the southern cassowary that lives in Australia, New Guinea, and an island in Indonesia. Another bird is the greater rhea, which is the largest bird in North and South America. Ostriches may look friendly but be careful to not go near its egg. The ostrich parents are extremely protective and will do anything to protect their young.

[Source: Big Book of Animals]

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