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Bald Eagle Shot Near Milwaukee Dies During Surgery

A bald eagle, America's symbol of pride, was shot on December 7, 2022, in southwest Milwaukee County. The Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center tried to save the eagle, however, it died during surgery.

The bald eagle had a broken beak, fractured humerus, and a wound in the muscle as well as other sensitive parts of its wing. The Humane Society tried CPR but failed. The center in Milwaukee called the surgery “a complex and specialized surgery to stabilize his fracture and further treat his injuries.”

Authorities are searching for who shot the eagle. That person could be fined $100,000 and serve up to one year in prison: the punishment for a first offense. On the second offense, killing a bald eagle is considered a felony and comes with heavier punishments. Eagles are protected by law under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, as well as The Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Law enforcement hopes to quickly find the person who committed the crime and hold them accountable. In recent years the number of nesting eagle pairs have increased. Despite the growing number of eagles, it's still important to protect them.

[Source: Associated Press; WKOW Ch 27]

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