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Why do Horses Appear in so Many Myths?

Horses are not only interesting creatures, but they have also been featured throughout history in various stories across many countries.

For example, Greece has the famous Trojan horse, a story about a giant wooden horse that was rolled into the city of Tory. The Trojans thought it was a surrendering gift but they were wrong. The Greeks rolled the horse into the castle. After which soldiers broke out of the horse and won the war. However, Greece is not the only place with horse stories; other places like the Middle East, India, China, Britain, the Roman Empire, and Norse land also have stories.

Along with stories, there are also myths about horses. One myth is that horses are color blind. In reality, they mostly see blue and green but find red and yellow hard to recognize. In contrast, their night vision is amazing. People also say that horses sleep standing up but they actually sleep lying down and like to rest standing up.

Horses are fit animals and are always ready to ride. Some people think that horses only talk in neighs and whinnies but they also talk with body movements. They use their ears and eyes to communicate with each other.

Horses are strong creatures and it is interesting to see how they were represented in the past.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Horse Ponies]

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