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A Snake in a Tree?

Fun Facts About the Green Mamba

The green mamba is a species of snake that lives in Western and Eastern Africa.

The snake has a coffin shaped head due to its venom glands that sit right behind its eyes. Like humans, the green mamba’s pupil size decreases when there is a sign of light, meaning that this snake hunts in daylight.

The mamba primarily spends its time in trees instead of on the ground. The scales of a green mamba help it slither easily across trees while also serving as an illusion to hunt down prey. In terms of diet, these snakes consume lizards, birds, and rodents. In some instances, they will also eat bats. Sometimes, the green mamba hunts on plantation farms where cashew nuts, coconuts and mangoes are grown. These places are useful because they are common spaces where rats and birds are located.

When the snake hunts, it uses its fangs to inject venom into its prey. The green mamba has neurotoxic venom which can often be fatal. It can also use its tongue to smell small scent particles to help track, strike and kill animals.

The Latin name of the green mamba is dendroaspis angusticeps. This species can grow to be around eight feet long with a maximum lifespan of around 15 years. The green mamba is unique for its hunting abilities and excellent use of camouflage in the trees.

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