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Team Flier or Team Glider?

There are many animals known as fliers and gliders in the world. Bats, lemurs and flying squirrels are a few of them.

Bat wings are made out of skin and are supported by long bones in their arms. Their wings neatly fold around their bodies to protect them from any danger. At night they hunt for food and during the day they hang upside down in cave ledges or from tree branches.

There are more than 950 different types of bats; the bat is the only mammal that has the ability to fly. Insect-eating bats snatch their prey in mid-air. Other bats eat pollen and nectar from flowers. Flesh-eating bats eat frogs, birds, fish and lizards.

Flying lemurs of Madagascar can’t actually fly; they can only glide from tree to tree usually. Flying lemurs can glide up to 130 feet. They glide by stretching out their limbs and their skin flaps open like a parachute. Similar to flying lemurs, flying squirrels are also gliders. These creatures live in parts of Asia and North America.

These are some of the fliers and gliders around the world. It is important to continue to learn about these wonderful animals as they are special to our world and to the enormous diversity of life.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Mammals]

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