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The African Bongo: Big Horns? Low Branches? No Problem!

The bongo is Africa's most colorful antelope. They can weigh up to 892 pounds and have spiral shaped horns which can grow up to 39 inches long. The bongos’ big ears help with hearing the slightest noise from predators.

Bongos have patterns in their coats which makes it easier to spot each other in shaded areas. This patterns is also broken up across the bongo’s coat, making it especially helpful for camouflage.

Bongos reach sexual maturity when they are 30 months old. They mate throughout the year, however, they can only have one calf at a time. Bongos live in rainforests and they lean their head back while running to prevent getting their horns stuck in the foliage. Their diet consists of plants, buds, leaves and roots. They roam all over the rainforest to find the best food.

Bongos can live up to twenty years of age, unfortunately, they are listed as near endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In order to have these beautiful creatures roam the planet in the future, it is important that humans take action to prevent habitat destruction and illegal hunting of Bongos.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals]

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