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Learn More About the Majestic Bald Eagle

Bald eagles have many amazing majestic features that we can learn about.

The bald eagles wingspan is 5.5 to 8 feet long. To put that in perspective, an average human male is 5.9 feet tall. The eagle’s talons are two inches long. They use these monster talons to catch fish and other prey. The color of the bald eagles is unique, when they are young their heads and tails are brown. As they age, their heads and tails become white. The bald eagle’s lifespan in captivity is typically forty seven years old, but in the wild they live up to twenty five years.

Bald eagles eat seabirds, waterfowl, mammals, and reptiles but in the winter if they are desperate, they will also eat carrion, which are dead animals and other scraps of meat. Bald Eagles hunt by standing on a perch that overlooks the water. When they see a fish in open water they swoop down and snatch it out of the water.

Bald eagle breeding seasons begin in October and run through April in the south and April to August in the north. Bald eagles choose from a variety of places to nest for breeding, depending on the location. Their nests are typically situated in trees, cliffs or on the ground. Some eagles' nests get used over and over again, and over time they can get massive. The breeding pairs usually have several nests in a small area. When the mother lays eggs, each one is multiple days apart. As a result, when they all hatch, some will be bigger than others. Additionally, the bigger eagles will bully the younger ones and take their food, causing the younger ones to die of starvation.

Bald eagles are amazing creatures with majestic characteristics. Their iconic white heads make them easy to spot, maybe you can see one in the sky some day!

[Source: WildLife Explorer]

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