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The Lifecycle of a Wolf Pup

In spring, females wolves give birth to newborn pups in dens after nine weeks of pregnancy.

One adult wolf fits perfectly into a single den, which is dug ten feet long prior to pregnancy. During the first month after the pups are born, the mother takes full responsibility for the wolf pack.

The puppies remain in their dens for the first few weeks to stay warm and protected as they are initially deaf. Each pup weighs about one pound. Their mother will start to breastfeed them until they are old enough to eat meat. After their first month, the responsibility of survival shifts from solely the mother to the entire pack. This caretaking method helps form a bond between the newest members and the rest of the pack.

Playing brings a lot of joy to the pups; all the running, chasing, and fighting helps them develop their hunting skills and muscles. They express themselves through playing with each other.

After two months, the young pups join the rest of the pack and transition from being cared for to caring for other younger pups. It's fascinating to study these pups and see how they grow into mature wolves.

[Source: Wild Creatures]

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