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What is an Addax?

An addax looks like a cross between a deer and a goat, but it is a creature that is specifically known for its horns. These horns look like twisted blades that can twist up to three times and reach lengths of three feet.

Addax live in the Sahara Desert. Their diet changes depending on their habitat but they normally eat desert grass and shrub foliage.

Their skulls are super thick to protect themselves. This is especially important in fights as they ram into one another and headbutt eachother to determine the strongest addax. Along with a strong skull, the addax has interesting facial patterns. Some experts think that the pattern on the addax’s face is a form of camouflage so that it is able to confuse predators.

Despite their mesmerizing features, these animals are classified as endangered because they are heavily hunted. Specifically, their horns, and also their skin and meat, are prized possessions for hunters. Their endangered level is considered high beacause they depend on wildlife experts to help them reproduce so they don’t go extinct.

It is important to learn about the beauty of these creatures and their habitats and determine how conditions can be improved to promote their survival.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals]

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