Space: Our New Habitat

Did you know that one day Earth may no longer be habitable?

If this becomes a reality, people will have to learn how to adapt to life in outer space. Scientists are envisioning what is needed to live in space. Humans will have to learn how to do this since Earth will no longer have the capacity to hold them. Most of humanity would die if this happened. The survivors who remain alive will have to learn how to adapt to life in a capsule.

In these space capsule colonies there will be food, air, water, and some artificial “gravity.” There will need to be enough soil to grow crops. Oxygen will still be available because there would be trees planted in the human space capsules that will absorb our carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we could use.

Living in these capsules would be similar to living on the Earth except for the lack of real gravity and constantly floating, also not knowing were you will end up. In these space capsules there would be soccer fields, schools, malls, and much more. Scientists predict that kids would get bored so they added fun things to do.

It might seem scary thinking about leaving everything familiar on Earth. But these could be the consequences of human actions if people continue to cause global warming. Therefore, it is important to address the causes of global warming and maintain a livable environment on Earth.

[Source: Space Colonies ]