What´s In a Name? There´s More to 'Mountain Lions'and 'Bobcats' Than You Might Think

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Puma and a Cougar?

That was a trick question. "Puma" and "Cougar" are actually just nicknames for the Mountain Lion, which is not really a lion at all. The name was given to this cat relative because it resembles a female lioness. Another cat relative with a trick in its name is the Bobcat. The name "Bobcat" has the word "cat" in it, which gives the impression that it is warm and cuddly. In reality, these animals are the exact opposite.

Mountain Lions and Bobcats both live in the forested regions of North America. They also inhabit desert areas. These regions are home to a variety of other animals that both cats prey on.

Bobcats and Mountain Lions have similar diets that consist of small mammals like rabbits, mice, birds, and occasionally even reptiles and insects. Sometimes they even bring down bigger species like deer. The Mountain Lion travels long distances to stalk its prey while the Bobcat prefers to wait and ambush its prey. Both species avoid coming into contact with humans.

Mountain Lions and Bobcats usually mate in spring and give birth in summer. Mountain Lion litters vary from one to six cubs who stay with their mother for up to two years and begin to hunt during the first three to six months of their lives. In contrast, Bobcat litters vary from two to three young who usually remain with their mother up to a year and learn how to hunt independently.

Although these members of the cat family may look alike, the personalities of each one are very different. Just like their tricky names suggest, the Mountain Lion and Bobcat are full of surprises!

[Source: The Encyclopedia Of North America Animals ]

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