Listening to Loud Music In Headphones Can Damage Hearing

Do you use headphones to listen to music? Although using these devices makes it easier to enjoy your music on-the-go, some people don’t know that listening to headphones too loudly can damage your hearing.

Loud music is found everywhere from your car to a football game. In these settings, however, you can turn the volume down or leave. Research shows that repetitive exposure to loud noise through headphones can cause hearing loss.

Repeated exposure to loud noise doesn’t only end in hearing loss. It can also lead to hearing an unending buzzing noise, called tinnitus . Also, headphones, radios, and sporting events aren’t the only culprits; in fact, studies show that one-third of Americans suffer from hearing loss due to work-related activities.

How do you know when a noise is too loud for your ears? Well, it depends on how high the decibels are. A decibel is a unit for measuring the intensity of a sound. Experts say that noises ranging from 90-140 decibels can cause hearing damage.

Although not everyone loses their hearing from loud noises, being around them all day definitely increases your chances. So don’t punish your ears—turn the volume down!

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press archives ]