Dinosaurs' Death Sparks Questions, Theories, Mysteries

by Grace Middleton, age 12

The burning question of what killed some of the biggest animals ever to walk the earth is one that still baffles many scientists today. Theories suggest many different endings for the dinosaurs, but no one can really be sure what happened.

One theory is that a huge meteorite crashed into the earth and consequently demolished them. The meteorite would have kicked up clouds of dust, ash, and rocks. These clouds would have blocked out the sun for years, and without sunlight, plants and plant-eating animals would have died. In turn, meat-eating animals would have lost their source of food and died, too.

Others believe that multiple volcanoes erupted at the same time, releasing large amounts of poison gas, ash, and dust. When the dinosaurs inhaled this mix, they would have choked and died.

Some researchers even suggest that little rat-like mammals were eating dinosaurs eggs while dinosaurs were asleep. Another theory indicates that dinosaurs may have been killed by an unknown disease.

The mystery of what caused dinosaurs to go extinct is one that has always fascinated people. Maybe someday scientists will solve this cold-case. But for now, it's a mystery that remains unsolved.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Dinosaurs ]