The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

For a long time, scientists have worked to solve the on-going mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

People are finding out that most of the Bermuda Triangle theories are not real. However, there is one theory in particular that could be right. This one talks about how there are waves strong enough to break boats. This theory was tested, and it is true; these waves are called rogue waves.

Rogue waves are 30 meters high and weigh 140 pounds per square inch or psi. Meanwhile, an average ocean wave is only 12 meters high, and the psi is only eight and a half.

On average boats, can tolerate 21 psi. If a boat gets hit by a rogue wave, it will often snap in half. On average, a boat sinks to the bottom in two minutes. This has happened to more than 50 ships past few hundred years.

The Bermuda Triangle is an infamous and unsolved mystery. It will take scientists years to unveil all of its wonders.

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