Michelle Obama is One FLOTUS We Won’t Soon Forget

Michelle Obama—public servant, mom, and First Lady of the United States— is a great role model to young boys and girls today.

Born on January 17, 1964, to Marian and Fraser Robinson, Michelle grew up on the South side of Chicago. Michelle's father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a young age, but he continued to work as a pump operator at the Chicago Water Department. Michelle and her older brother, Craig, learned to read from their mother, Marian, before the age of four.

Gifted students, both Michelle and Craig attended Princeton. Here, Michelle studied sociology and African-American studies. She went on to attend Harvard Law School, where she graduated in 1988. She later joined a law firm in Chicago where she met Barack Obama, her future husband; she was his adviser.

At first, Michelle did not want to date Barack. She worried it would be unprofessional; however, he was persistent and persuasive. After two years of dating, Barack proposed. The two married on October 3, 1992. Michelle gave birth to Malia and Sasha in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Michelle accomplished a lot before becoming First Lady. In 1991, she left corporate law to pursue a career in public service. One of the first jobs she had was being Mayor Richard Daley's assistant. Later, in 1993, she became executive director for the Chicago Office of Public Allies, a program that helps young adults learn the skills they need for future jobs. Not long after, Michelle took on her most famous role yet – First Lady of the United States.

After two years as FLOTUS, she began her first of four initiatives called “Let's Move!” This program aimed to promote physical activity and healthy eating in children. The initiative influences schools and food companiesand supports families. Michelle’s second initiative, which she began a year later, is called “Joining Forces.” She co-founded this program with Dr. Jill Biden, vice president Joe Biden's wife, and it provides veterans with jobs and education.

In 2014, Michelle launched the “Reach Higher” program to help kids take charge of their futures by guiding them to complete high school and enter college or professional training programs. The following year, she joined President Obama in launching the “Let Girls Learn” campaign to help girls around the world get their education.

Michelle's role as First Lady might be over soon, but her greatness will continue. She plans to stay in D.C. with her family, where she will continue leading her initiatives and impacting the lives of many near and far.

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She was definitely a first lady worthy of her place in history. Good job Sopha! – Kadjata , South Madison (2017-01-24 18:03)