Drinking Coffee Might Just Help Your Liver

Did you know that coffee, and even decaffeinated coffee, might help your liver? Yes, this bitter liquid could have some sweet benefits for those who drink three cups per day, according to a 2014 study.

Between 1999 and 2010, researchers questioned 27,793 people about their health. Scientists found that over 14,000 of these individuals drank coffee.

After scientists ruled out other factors such as age, sex, drug use, alcohol consumption, and smoking, they found a shocking result: those who consume three cups of coffee per day were 25 percent less likely to have abnormal liver enzyme levels than those who didn't.

However, some scientists believe that this effect could be explained by various factors. “There are more than a thousand compounds in coffee,” said Qian Xiao, a cancer prevention specialist at the National Cancer Institute. “There are a few candidates but I don't know which is responsible,” he said.

Now, the big question is: should we all start drinking coffee? Xiao cautions, “this is not an observational study that can determine cause and effect.” Just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean they are connected, Xiao explained, so he wouldn't make any recommendations based on this study. What may be reassuring is that coffee and decaf are not harmful to the liver function. So, if your friends criticize you for going to Starbucks for the third time today, just tell them you may be taking care of your liver.

[Source: The New York Times ]

This made me want to start drinking coffee for my liver ;). I feel very informed. – Grace , Wright Free Press (2016-05-18 16:07)
Thanks for this article! I was wondering about the impact of my daily cup(s) of coffee. At least I know my liver will be okay! : ) – Jessica , MMSD (2016-05-25 15:45)
Thanks for the awesome article ! It was very informed . – Desteny , Sennett Middle School (2017-09-11 15:32)