How to Identify Bullies and How to Get Help

Have you ever had rumors spread about you? Have you ever been shoved in the school hallway on purpose? If so, you may have been bullied. Bullying is a serious issue. If you are ever bullied, you should tell someone who can help you.

There are many reasons bullies harass others. In some situations, bullies are being bullied themselves. For example, if they have older siblings, it is possible that their siblings have picked on them. Sometimes a teacher, a parent, or another student under the influence of alcohol or drugs can exhibit bullying behavior. Bullies want to feel powerful, so they tend to pick on those who seem weaker than themselves. They bully others to feel good about themselves. Often, they are insecure about something that happened to them or someone else they care about.

Not all bullies are the same, though. For example, “detached bullies” are those who usually plan their attacks on a victim or victims. Everyone except the victim usually likes this bully, who is usually popular. Another type of bully is the “hyperactive bully,” who have problems socializing with others and usually act out inappropriately. “Social bullies” manipulate others by gossiping with their friends or spreading rumors. Most of the time they have low self esteem. Last but not least, the “bullied bullies” get relief from picking on others. Depending on the type her or she is, a bully can experience a variety of feelings the being mean to others.

Bullying behaviors are identifiable. One example of bully is teasing. If someone calls you a name or makes fun of you for something that has happened to you, they just bullied you by teasing. This can be or seem like a small form of bullying, yet it often has serious effects. Another form of bullying is threatening someone. Spreading rumors is another way to bully someone and can lead to a loss of friends, depression, and other consequences. Leaving others out on purpose is also a form of bullying.

Bullying isn't always done face-to-face. Cyberbullying is an especially harmful way bullies can hurt others. This often happens on social media, like through text messages or email. Some bullies like to hide behind screens so no lone knows who they really are. They post mean photos, rumors, videos, and more.

If you see someone being bullied or harassed, there are things you should and can do to help. Instead of being a bystander, you can stand up to bullying. The best way is to tell a trusted adult or friend. Many kids are scared to tell someone because they thing they will then be punished as well. Kids will even miss school because they feel they are in an unsafe environment. So, it is important to tell someone so you and others can feel safe.

Bullying is something you should watch out for. Always be a buddy—Not a bully!

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