Siberian Tigers Face Human Threat

Siberian Tigers, also known as Panthera Tigris Altica , are the biggest of the big cats. These creatures are among the most ferocious predators in the animal kingdom. They live in north-eastern China and North and South Korea. Like the closely related Snow leopard, Unicia unicia , Siberian Tigers thrive in extremely cold weather.

Siberian tigers are well built. Their canine teeth can grow up to 13 cm long and are used for slicing through muscles and tendons. Their tongues have tiny spines on them which the tigers use to scrape flesh off of skin and bones. Thanks to their forward-facing eyes, Siberian tigers have spectacular binocular vision and night-vision that is six times stronger than humans ability to see in the dark is.

Siberian tigers tend to hunt deer, buffalo, and boar. Sometimes, they also feed on hares and other small mammals. Their paws allow them to stalk prey silently, while their fur helps them blend in with trees and rocks.

One of the main threats to Siberian tigers is that they are illegally hunted by humans for their skins, bones, meat, and teeth. They are also losing their habitat. In fact, over 93 percent of their natural range has already been destroyed. Today, only about 4,000 tigers survive in the wild. Let's try to keep these amazing creatures alive!

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Woah! I did not know that Siberian tigers lived in really cold areas. I'm really sad that they are becoming extinct. They are really amazing animals. You did a good job writing this article. It was very well written and was very informational. Keep up the good work! – Mariana , SSFP (2016-05-18 16:27)
I love tigers and I didn't know that so few survive in the wild. You did a great job with the organization and structure of this article. Keep writing! – Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz , West High (2016-10-15 11:50)