What Killed the Ceolophysis?

Imagine running through a great river valley. You're living a happy life and have much to eat. All of a sudden, mud buries you and everyone around you. Millions of years later, your bones are discovered by a group of scientists who then embark on a journey to figure out exactly what happened to you and your species.

In 1947, hundreds of the Ceolophysis species of dinosaur were found in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. When these dinosaurs were living, Ghost Ranch was a giant river valley. Scientists also believe Ceolophysis lived an easy life, without much risk of starvation due to nearby fish and small prey.

When alive, Ceolophysis were as long as ten feet. But when they walked on their hind legs, they typically only measured three feet tall. Nevertheless, it is believed that the Ceolophysis had the ability to run faster than any other dinosaurs of its size. The Ceolophysis ' also had short arms, but the dinosaurs had three long, sharp claws. They also had many notched teeth inside their angled jaw. These serrated teeth were to help kill their prey faster. This might be why the species is also believed to have been one of the most aggressive predators of all dinosaurs.

So, if their life was so easy, why did the Ceolophysis go extinct? Today, Ghost Ranch is a dry desert. Millions of years ago, however, it was a very wet valley. Scientists suggest that a great flood must have wiped out many of the dinosaurs in Ghost Ranch, including the Ceolophysis . During the supposed flood, mud and water would have buried and suffocated the dinosaurs quickly.

While scientists cannot be completely certain what killed the Ceolophysis , of one thing they are sure: the dinosaurs were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[Source: Dinosaurs ]