Artic Birds Weather Brutal Year-Round Temperatures

The Arctic is not a place many humans would call home, however, but it's just that for some birds. Though most birds live in warm climates and migrate elsewhere when it gets cold, Arctic birds stick it out through each freezing winter.

Arctic birds live in the treeless tundra. The only plants that would be considered “trees” here are shrubs. The tundra also has a mix of mosses, lichens, and sedges , grass-like plants that grow in wet ground.

One example of an Arctic bird, the Ptarmigan, adapts using camouflage. The color of its feathers change depending on its environment. Usually, Ptarmigan inhabit the northernmost land masses of the Arctic, but, during the worst parts of winter, they move out into open terrain.

The Peregrine Falcon, another example of an Arctic bird, fights for territory on high cliff ledges Golden Eagles prefer to build their nests there.

Snow Buntings, another Arctic bird, stay year-round in the Tundra. While the female incubates her eggs, the male takes care of everything else – even if it is well below zero degrees. Male Snow Bunting's devotion to the female is astonishing because most birds do not show such affection.

All of these fascinating birds live in freezing cold climates year-round; they would probably be miserable in a place like Mexico or Florida! These birds have adapted their way of life to the Arctic conditions. They have learned to use the environment to create an inhabitable place where next generations can come to settle down.

[Source: Living Bird ]

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