Many Species Call Africa Home

There are many fascinating animals living in Africa, but the most interesting to me are giraffes and elephants.

There are actually two species of elephants, the African and Asian. These species have many different traits and qualities. For example, African elephants are larger than Asian elephants and have bigger ears and tusks. The Asian elephant also has a small hump on its back, while the African elephant does not. Asian elephants live in forests, while African elephants inhabit hot, treeless areas.

Also, elephants use their trunks as noses to smell their environment; however, their trunks have more than one purpose. Elephants also use their trunks to pull up grass and leaves to consume. Further, they use their trunks to spray themselves with water to cool off and drink.

Another interesting African animal is the giraffe. Taller than any other African animal, a male giraffe can reach up to 18 feet. Most giraffes have very long legs and long necks. Giraffes eat leaves at the tops of trees.

If I ever visit Africa, I would definitely like to see these fascinating creatures!

[Source: The Big Book of Knowledge ]

Nice job, Kemoni. Very good writing. – James Kramer , Middleton, WI (2017-05-04 13:01)