What You Have to Know About GMO's

Are genetically modified foods safe to consume?

Over the last two decades, food that consumers have eaten contains genes from other plants that make them either grow faster, taste better or stay fresher for a longer period of time. Foods that have been altered this way are called “genetically modified foods.”

Some reasons companies may modify food is because they want it to look more appealing, or they are trying to give people the vitamins that their bodies need. Each year, for example, around half of a million children go blind, and one or two million children die from the lack of vitamin A. So scientists have developed vitamin A in rice and put it in other foods to help solve this problem.

There are many reasons people disagree with the creation of genetically modified foods. One reason is that when a company alters the genes, this process could potentially kill animals and bacteria which could be helpful to humans in the near future. Another reason is that the production of the genes they put in food may cause consumers to have allergic reactions and/or make them feel very ill.

Several pros and cons exist with regard to genetically modified foods. Both sides have valid arguments, however, it is very important to understand so humans can make better choices.

[Source: Muse Magazine ]