Book Review: Talon

Written by Julie Kagawa

Written by Julie Kagawa, New York bestselling author, Talon is a retelling of the classic war between knights and dragons. It is written through the perspectives of the individual characters. Her story shows both sides of the war and the disagreements in-between.

Ember and Dante Hill were rare twin dragons born into the dragon organization Talon , and bred for the life ahead of them. Talon’s true objective is to seek world domination; it secretly raises its dragons as warriors.

Dragons slayers, known collectively as the order of St. George, are in an endless war with Talon. They anticipate the dragons' extinction and will stop at nothing to win. One of the primary characters, Garret Xavier Sebastian, is a conflicted soldier who has dedicated his life to dragon slaying. He grew up knowing that dragons were out on a murdering rampage and wanted death to every human. Burdened with the death of his parents by dragons, he committed every day of his life to venerate them and bring their death to justice.

I highly recommend this book because it shows the characters at their best and worst while still providing a well-rounded understanding of each character inside and out. It tells from a perspective that is often overlooked and shows every side of the war. This war has been fought for thousands of years amidst, the buildup of the rest of society. In the background, blood, sweat, and tears are shed in the shadow of modern society. Talon portrays the dragons with a modern spin: they are able to shape-shift and blend in with the rest of the human society. The knights or soldiers of St. George are portrayed with their classic features but with modern technology such as guns and tanks rather than swords and horses and carriages. They also have fire-retardant armor that is quite thin rather than the usual heavy, bulky protective attire.

Fantasy and romance are the main themes of Talon and captivate the attention of many young adult book readers. Talon expresses the value of both the dragons and knights in their brutal war. Talon’s main focus is on the outliers , or the people in the middle. This is one of Julie Kagawa’s interesting perspectives. She focuses in on their story and view of the war, considering they're forced to fight both sides. During a war, people won't always be on one side or the other. There will always be—no matter how few—people standing in the middle.